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New project brings Fashion Revolution message to Shropshire

A new project is bringing the message of Fashion Revolution Week to Oswestry with a series of displays and events highlighting how people can make more conscious fashion choices.

Lizzie Dibble of With Love From... with information on Fashion Revolution Week
Lizzie Dibble of With Love From… with information on Fashion Revolution Week

Lizzie Dibble has launched the shared wardrobe project With Love From… in Oswestry and is working with businesses across the town to support the Fashion Revolution movement and help to raise awareness of sustainable fashion.

Tonight (April 25) the project is partnering with Kinokulture, Oswestry’s independent cinema, to bring the screening of the film Fashion Reimagined to the town.

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On Thursday evening (April 27) and through the day on Saturday (April 29) With Love From… is hosting its first series of pop-up shops at Hadleigh Works co-working centre in the top floor at the Memorial Hall, Oswestry.

At these unique shopping events visitors will be able to donate items, collect points, browse the shared wardrobe of more than 200 items and speak to the project’s re-imagine team about repairs, alterations and customisations to clothing.

The project, which aims to create a shared wardrobe of occasion wear, has also set up small exhibitions and displays around the town.

In Booka Bookshop and Oswestry Library people can find displays highlighting interesting and informative sustainable fashion literature as well as how-to-guides for anyone looking to learn new skills and begin repairing, altering or repurposing their clothing.

Textile Express, the town’s fabric emporium, and Hadleigh Works are also supporting the project by displaying posters and sharing promotional postcards.

Fashion Revolution, is a non-profit organisation that brings together a global movement of people campaigning for a fairer fashion industry that values people and the planet over profit.

It was founded by Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster ten years ago when a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed.

Every year, Fashion Revolution hosts a week-long, international campaign calling for a fair, safe, transparent and accountable fashion industry. This year Fashion Revolution Week runs from April 22 to April 29. The theme for this year’s Fashion Revolution Week is Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution.

Lizzie Dibble, founder at With Love From… said: “In 2018, Fashion Revolution created a 10-point manifesto outlining their vision for a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. Since then, over 14,000 people around the world have signed their name in support of this vision.

“This year Fashion Revolution is encouraging everyone to be curious, find out and do something around each manifesto point during Fashion Revolution Week. It is important that we all begin to research the solutions to fashion’s most pressing social and environmental problems.The fashion industry is hugely complex and incredibly vast. As individuals we all have the power to act, but if we work together, our impact could be huge.”

“At With Love From… our vision is to create a shared wardrobe of occasion-wear, for a community of conscientious shoppers. People are being encouraged to donate party clothing, footwear and accessories to a shared wardrobe.

“For each piece you donate, you will earn points which can be redeemed at our pop-up shops. We have been collecting donations for just over two months and we have already received more than 200 beautiful items from just 25 people, which showshow many‘spare’ items of clothing so many of us have available to share.

“By slowing down the fashion cycle and sharing our wardrobes, we are not only reducing waste and protecting the earth’s resources, but we are also encouraging fashion brands to slow down, be more considerate, pay better, make better and be better.”

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