Tinson Training celebrates its tenth anniversary

Shropshire based Tinson Training celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2018. In that time it has become the ‘go to’ provider of bespoke onsite electrical training.

Brian Tinson
Brian Tinson

Founded by Brian Tinson in 2008, Tinson Training has delivered training for many well known UK business including Debenham’s, BAE Systems, BT, Aldi, Eurotunnel, Oxford University and Persimmon Homes to name but a few.

From the very beginning of his working life as an apprentice electrical engineer Brian has held a Yorkshireman’s firm belief that any job he was doing had to be worthwhile. Later, whilst enjoying working as a trainer in the glass container industry he still thought, ‘was helping make millions of bottles going to be his only contribution to society’. There came a point in his career when, disillusioned in a managerial role, Brian decided to bite the bullet and resign and start up his own business. There was already an entrepreneurial streak in his Yorkshire family background with many relatives having run their own businesses, including his father and grandfather. So the step, although scary, felt natural.

The first year was very difficult with more cash flowing out than in as he strove to win clients. He faced the not uncommon challenge for those moving from the world of monthly pay cheques to a paying business. It can be a lonely time working hard to promote a business and waiting for the phone to ring or emails to arrive. Nonetheless, Brian was convinced that he had identified a profitable niche in the training market for high quality training delivered on site to the clients needs. Training reinforced by being in a familiar work environment rather than a sterile training centre.

Finally, the tide turned and his client base started to grow steadily. An early achievement was delivering a series of courses for Formula One Management and when Debenhams selected Tinson Training to become the trainer for their Technical Services Advisors, Brian began to realise the vision that he had for his business. It has grown strongly over the last 10 years with a growing roster of blue chip clients, many of whom come back for repeat business.

Brian’s own belief in the value of always giving service professionally and reliably is the bedrock for the business ethics of Tinson Training. Always front and centre is the drive to give the customers what they ask for and need. Tinson Training is driven by the belief that delivery of excellent training tuned to client needs will always lead to more opportunities.

If Brian has a message for others considering a start-up business it is to have a good product or service, believe in yourself and your value to others, persevere and always give a first class service.

While the successful growth of the business in its first decade is a satisfying achievement in itself, Brian is not resting on his laurels. He now leads a team of six helping deliver a well respected, high quality, service to UK businesses.