Telford and District Light Operatic Players to stage Made in Dagenham

Award-winning musical society TADLOP (Telford and District Light Operatic Players) is to stage Made in Dagenham during Telford’s 50th anniversary year.

As Telford begins celebrating its 50th anniversary, TADLOP is also looking to celebrate another golden anniversary. In 1968 a group of ladies from the Ford Dagenham factory went on strike after having their job skill level downgraded. What started as a fight to be recognised as skilled workers ended in a national fight for equal pay for women. The story was then turned into a classic British film and then into a full musical production.

“2018 is a big year of celebration. It is Telford’s 50th anniversary but it is also 50 years since the strike that started the movement to equal pay and women’s rights, as well as 100 years since woman’s suffrage.” says publicity manage Lyndsey Bird.

“It seemed only right in this momentous year to perform Made in Dagenham and remember these strong women that paved the way for us. It is a new musical with plenty of laughs, heartwarming and stirring moments. We are having a great time in rehearsals for this show as there is always a funny moment or catchy song that brings the spirit of the 60’s alive.”

Made in Dagenham follows Rita O’Grady and her fellow machinists at the Ford Dagenham factory as they find out their job skill level has been downgraded. At first, they just fight to have their work recognised as skilled but soon realise that they could instigate major change in equality between men and women. Made in Dagenham contains catchy songs such as “Everybody Out!”, “Payday”, “Busy Woman” and the inspiring “Stand Up”. Made in Dagenham shows where the continued fight for equality began.

Made in Dagenham takes place at Oakengates Theatre from the 28th-29th of April at 2:30pm and 7:30pm.

The Box Office is open and tickets are £14 and can be purchased from society members or via The Place at

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