A Shropshire nursing agency providing registered nurses and healthcare assistants to the NHS is calling on private and Government-funded patients to utilise their experience and skills.

CLCA managing director Cherry Adams
CLCA managing director Cherry Adams

CLCA nurses work in NHS hospitals, private hospitals, with social services, local health boards and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

But they also provide their highly qualified nurses and HCAs to private and Government funded patients – giving them the level of care they require, but at home, instead of in a hospital environment.

The organisation, based in Shrewsbury, continues to grow year on year and now has nurses available all over the country to create and carry out complex care packages.

Their services include live-in, adhoc, respite and palliative care as well as recovering and rehabilitation support and in-school and after-school care.

Healthcare teams support both government or privately-funded individuals in their transition from hospital to home and beyond.

Cherry Adams, a registered nurse and founder of CLCA, said there are many people who remain in hospital because it is felt the care they require would not be available for them at home.

“Whether it is short-term care for a patient recovering from a serious injury or illness, or long-term care for those with complex medical needs, we can supply an exceptional nursing team that allows them to come home from hospital to a place that they, and their relatives, are more comfortable with,” she added.

“Our nurses and healthcare staff are of the highest calibre, supporting both Government and privately funded adults and children.”

The CLCA recruitment process for their nurses and HCAs includes a personal interview with a registered nurse, checks into qualifications, experience and competency, a review of current health and immunisation records and enhanced disclosures.

The company aims to provide a quality service to clients through the provision of highly qualified and competent registered nurses and healthcare assistants.

“It is for this reason that we strive to exceed the minimum statutory recruitment and selection standards required of care workers,” added Cherry.

“Our team of recruiters interview applicants across the country and apply a strict set of criteria to ensure workers are experienced and adaptable to client needs.”

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