Oarsome challenge ahead for Berrys at Coracle World Championships

Stakes will be high this Friday as Berrys takes part in the annual Macmillan Coracle World Championship charity race.

The firm will be defending its best fancy dress title from last year when dressed as Merry Berrys Mary Berrys under a new guise The ShrewsBERRY Pies.

“The ShrewsBERRY Pies will be the finest out on the open water, sailing sweetly to victory to taste the golden win,” said team captain Richard Cole who will be joined on the water by Sophie Moore, Natalie Warburton and Harriet Matthews.

Over the years teams and sponsors of the Coracle Race have helped raise more than £200,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The event takes place at Shrewsbury Pengwern Boat club with teams of four competing to cross the River Severn and back four times in the shortest time. Teams from businesses and organisations across the county take part bringing their supporters to boost funds for this very worthy cause.

Racing starts at 3.00pm on the day and teams will be aiming to beat the current World Record Time of 5mins 20secs.

“Please support us and raise a big helping of money for Macmillan,” said Richard. “It will definitely be worth the money, because as per usual, we shall be making great efforts to both win the competition and to retain our fancy dress title.”

To donate visit: https://www.justgiving.com/Natalie-Warburton5