It’s Cycle to Work Day this Wednesday

It’s Cycle to Work Day on Wednesday 13 September when people in Shropshire and across the country are being urged to swap four wheels for two to celebrate the UKs biggest cycle commute.

Cycling to and back from work gives you a “buzz,” says Telford’s Carol Smith
Cycling to and back from work gives you a “buzz,” says Telford’s Carol Smith

Carol Smith, who works for one of the UKs leading road safety education organisations in Telford, is championing the cause on behalf of the TTC Group, which is also one of the country’s leading cycle training specialists.

A Contracts Bid Writer at TTC Group’s Hadley Park HQ, Carol regularly cycles the four miles to work and back which she says is quicker than going by car.

“I’ve timed the ride and it takes me 12 minutes from my home in Trench by bike and 15 minutes in the car because of all the traffic congestion,” said Carol, who has been a keen cyclist all her life.

“Cycling to work gives me a real buzz and just makes me feel good.”

She urged fellow commuters to give it a try and suggested some cycling tips:

– Do a test run to work on a weekend when the roads are more quiet to boost your confidence and get to know the route
– Try cycling once or twice a week until you get used to it
– Use designated cycle routes to avoid the traffic

Carol is also asking motorists to give cyclists plenty of space.

“As a motorist and a cyclist I know to give them plenty of room when passing and keep well away from the back wheel. As a cyclist if I’m at the head of a queue of traffic I will pull over if I can because I know drivers get frustrated.”

A survey revealed that employees who cycle to work are more likely to be on time, perform better and have less time off work because they are fit and healthy.

Employers say cyclists are more productive and efficient at work because they are “energised” by the cycle to work.

Train, car and bus commuters regularly complain of the frustrations, traffic delays and disruptions in trying to get to work on time.

Cycling to work also cuts the number of car parking spaces at work, reduces congestion, cuts CO2 emissions and creates healthier employees.