Shrewsbury Town boss criticises fourth official in Peterborough United loss

Paul Hurst was left fuming with the fourth official after Shrewsbury lost 2-1 to Peterborough United last night.

Fulham loanee Stephen Humphrys was sent-off in the 55th minute, after he received a second yellow card for blocking a free-kick even though he had his back to the ball.

Humphrys had put Salop ahead after the half hour mark. The converted penalty was his first goal for the club.

Ryan Tafazolli equalised for the hosts, whilst Dominic Ball scored the winner to give the Posh victory.

Shrewsbury manager Paul Hurst was left disappointed with the conduct of the fourth official.

He told “I don’t like losing games, it’s the first loss in a while (six matches), so naturally I’m not pleased with that.

“What annoys me is that you have a fourth official who says that you can speak to him, but you ask him a question and he knows what the answer is and all of a sudden they lose their memory and they’re not willing to have a conversation with you.

“Did Stephen (Humphrys) put himself in a bit of a position? Yes, I’m not going to deny that, but at the same time, I’ve seen it happen where a lad blatantly kicks the ball at a player and the referee says play on, so with the ruling I’m not so sure.

“Because he (Ryan Tafazolli) wasn’t trying to pass it to a player, he was trying to get the lad sent off and he was successful.”

Despite the defeat, Paul Hurst praised the application of the players.

He added: “It’s not the best night for us, but I’m not going to be too critical of the team with the efforts they’ve put in.

“They’ve come here and were still very much in the game again. I think we’ve had one game where we weren’t within a goal and that was the fear tonight, when we went down to ten men that we might get blown away.”

Article by: Ryan Hillback