Man arrested for drink driving after police helicopter search

A driver was arrested for drink driving after crashing a car and making off from the scene on foot sparking a concern he was injured.

Police were informed by members of the public that a single car had been involved in a collision at just before 9pm on Tuesday at Brockton.

Response Officers, PCSO Mal Goddard and Special Constables were deployed to the scene, as were Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service and and West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Prior to Police arrival on the scene members of the public, who had stopped to assist, reported that the driver of the vehicle involved in the crash had made off on foot away from the scene.

Concerns were raised that the driver may be injured and there were also suspicions that he may have been drinking and driving. Officers en route to the collision conducted area searches on their way, however, thick fog was restricting their efforts.

With the concerns for the mans welfare, the National Police Air Service helicopter was called to the scene. Following a search that was co-ordinated with the ground units, a man was soon found hiding in a nearby field. Following a medical check, he was breath tested and found to be over the limit and arrested.