Doctor selected as Shrewsbury Labour Parliamentary candidate

Dr. Laura Davies with Labour Leader Ed Miliband
Dr. Laura Davies with Labour Leader Ed Miliband

Laura is a hospital doctor working in the West Midlands and a member of the Royal College of Surgeons who previously served 10 years as a Medical Officer in the Armed Forces.

Labour’s new Parliamentary Candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham, Laura Davies said:

“ I relish the opportunity to go out and fight for the people of this constituency.”

“I intend to campaign hard to protect the future of the NHS. Under the current government £3 billion has been wasted on an NHS re-organisation that David Cameron promised wouldn’t happen, there is a crisis in A&E with waiting lists at their highest levels for 5 years, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain an appointment with a GP.”

“As a doctor myself I work day-to-day with NHS professionals and I am proud to be one of them. The NHS remains a unique and wonderful institution that deserves better than David Cameron.”

“Labour has rescued the NHS following Tory government before and we can do it again. As an MP I will vote to repeal the NHS changes that place private profit ahead of patient care. I will work tirelessly to see the introduction of an NHS that combines physical health, mental health and social care into a single whole service care system.”

Laura is 34 and married to fellow surgeon David. Laura and David have a three year old son.

Ed Miliband met Laura at the party’s Annual Conference in Manchester, where in his speech to the Labour Party Conference, he said that the first priority for the new NHS Time to Care Fund will be to support 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs, 5,000 more careworkers and 3,000 more midwives.

Councillor Alan Mosely Chairman of the Shrewsbury and Atcham Labour Party and member of Shropshire & Shrewsbury Town Council said:

“There’s no doubt that the people of Shrewsbury and Atcham have been let down by the Tory/Lib Dem Government. We now have a superb, energetic new candidate Dr Laura Davies who will put local people first and take the fight direct to the town’s Tory MP.

Only Labour can make Britain better off, putting hardworking families first with a plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and standing-up for our most treasured institution, the NHS. We are delighted that Laura will be leading our campaign to win Shrewsbury and Atcham at the General Election in 2015.”