Shropshire helicopter company on the Up

A Bell Jetranger Helicopter which is used by Helitrip.
A Bell Jetranger Helicopter which is used by Helitrip.

The warm summer months have increased pleasure flights across the county, with the ‘Scenic Severn’ and ‘Historic Shropshire’ tours proving the most popular. The abundance of summer events has also kept the rotors running as Helitrip founder Steve Patterson explains;

“We have had a promising first summer, with a helicopter arrival providing the perfect choice for school proms, weddings, horserace meetings, the Grand Prix at Silverstone and V Festival. The sunshine has also led to many local residents taking advantage of the spectacular views of Shropshire which can only be offered when travelling by air.”

Interest for corporate helicopter charter has also been popular due to the increasing hassle of traffic jams, parking worries and train delays. Helitrip says helicopters boast benefits which are unrivalled by road and rail travel due to their speed, flexibility and the ability to land almost anywhere.

Steve continues; “When travelling with colleagues, helicopter charter can also be more cost-effective than you might think. Significantly reduced travel time eliminates the need for costly overnight stays and lost revenue from being away from the office.”

“For example, opting to charter a helicopter from Shrewsbury to Cardiff with 3 colleagues provides a saving of 5 hours and over £200, when compared with travelling by road with hotel expenses.”