Dress a Girl Campaign comes to Shrewsbury

Dress a Girl Around the World is a global campaign to make sure every girl in the world has at least one dress. It is being supported by Space to Sew in Shrewsbury, which is holding a free Dress a Girl week from 26 May, where people can learn to make the dresses. Made from pillowcases or spare fabric, they are quick and simple to make and go to girls who would otherwise never have a dress of their own.

Photo courtesy of: Dress a Girl Around the World - Imagine a World where every little girl owned at least one dress

Owner Domini Lucas said: “I’ve always felt that sewing has the potential to bring together people from different generations and cultures –so I am keen to join in with others across the world in making these dresses. We hope our free sessions will not just teach people how to make these simple dresses but provide the inspiration to continue sewing them and passing the skills on to others until every girl around the world has one dress to call their own.

“We want to teach as many people as possible in Shropshire to learn how to make these dresses. Each dress takes between 30 minutes to an hour to make and can be decorated to your heart’s content to make a unique dress a little girl will love. We are hoping that as well as individuals, Schools, Leisure Centres and Sewing Groups across Shropshire will join us in making these dresses and are delighted that The Shrewsbury Club has already agreed to teach some of their members how to join in.

“We’d love to hear from other people and groups who want to join in and are offering free ‘how to’ sessions at Space to Sew for folk to learn how to make the dresses. For those that can’t attend or sew but still want to support the cause, any spare 100% cotton pillowcases or cotton dress fabric in good condition that people can offer would be gratefully received.”

Dresses made in the free sessions will be sent to the UK coordinator for Dress A Girl in Bristol, who then organises their transportation to countries across the world where girls are in need. Dresses made at home can be dropped off at Space to Sew or with Hayley Aston at the Shrewsbury Club.

Free sessions will be held at Space to Sew on:
Saturday 26 May 2-4pm
Monday 28 May 5.30-8pm
Tuesday 29 May 4-6pm
Wednesday 30 May 10am-12pm
Friday 1 June 1.30-3.30pm.