Phil Hoyle’s Shropshire UFO Casebook: Part 8 – The cigar shaped UFO

Another Shropshire hot spot runs down the Shropshire Powys border from Oswestry to Newtown where numerous UFO encounters have been reported over the years.

Along this corridor you only find rolling hills with farms dotted every few miles and little villages and hamlets nestled in the valleys, a scene ideal for any picture postcard. So what criteria dictates the constant visitation by intelligences from another realm, what could they be searching for or monitoring during their fleeting visits?

Although much of the area is open countryside there used to be many sensitive installations and facilities some that used to be a blot on the landscape but they are no longer evident. So what are the UFO’s looking for, maybe their points of interest are no longer above the ground – but now below it?

Maybe these UFO incursions are to checkout our defence systems and that is why there is so much military activity around the area, not all just for training purposes, but also to deter and intercept outside incursions. One possible interception was reported by Frederick Kershaw who witnessed a white cigar shaped UFO with a military jet on its tail early evening while driving home from work.

Frederick phoned me on the 26th of March 2009 regarding a very interesting sighting that took place, he is quite sure it was a month previously on the 26th of February, 2009. He had only called me now as he had been out of the country on holiday and a friend had mentioned to him that an article on UFOs in the area had been published in the local newspaper. The article mentioned my name and so he decided to contact me and report the incident.

Frederick was driving home from Llanfyllin, where he works as a caretaker, the time was between 17.50 and 17.55 and getting dusk. He had just turned onto the B4393, just outside of the little hamlet of Llanfechain, when he observed the UFO object that he described as a cigar shape, with 4 red elliptical windows or lights along the side.

He initially sighted the craft in his side window of his car. Frederick retold to me what he saw: “It moved across the front of my windscreen and flew across in front of the car and then stopped briefly, before moving quickly our of sight, about 5 seconds after that, there was the roar of a jet plane or fighter plane behind me going in the same direction, I got the impression the fighter plane was trying to intercept the UFO.

“You could see the faint outline of a cigar shaped tube and four round bright red windows, one after another in a line, like on an aeroplane, but their windows are not bright red!

“This was so quick, it shot passed three quarters of my windscreen in like a second, stopped briefly then went off. I didn’t see it out of the passengers side window, it was in front of me, not that high up and then about three or four seconds later behind me was the engine of a jet shooting behind me in the same direction.”

Frederick got the impression that the plane was following the UFO craft and was much less than a 1000 ft in altitude.

There was also a car following close behind him and Frederick is not sure if the driver could have also witnessed the UFO sighting or have reported it.


The area where Frederick’s sighting took place is quite hilly and the road he was travelling on towards Llanfechain gave him a good view of the landscape and sky in front of him.

The view of the road from inside the car where Frederick sighted the UFO.

Frederick stated the UFO was quite low but it had to pass over the hills in front of him, the height of these hills range from Llys Hill, 346 ft, Mynyddy Glyn 389, and Tair Flynnon 351. I estimate given the distance of Frederick’s car from the hills and the restricted view through his car window and the height of the hills the UFO must have been travelling at a height of somewhere between 600 and 700 feet altitude.

Frederick’s sighting is very interesting not just because it was a low level close proximity sighting, but for two other additional rarely viewed factors.

One is the possible fact that the UFO was being chased by a military jet and the other is that if the UFO was being chased or intercepted, why during its pursuit did the craft suddenly stop dead in front of Frederick’s car, could there be other factors that we are not yet aware of?

I contacted the newspaper, with Fredrick’s consent, who then published the article on April 16th 2009 appealing for other witnesses.

Newspaper Cutting – Courtesy of The Shropshire Star

If you have had any experiences or sightings and would like to contact Phil, then please email Phil Hoyle – all information is in complete confidence.

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