Shrewsbury Sky watch team encounter strange beam of light

On the 23rd September 2011, I conducted a sky watch with my colleague Phil Hoyle at Lyth Hill near Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The aim of this sky watch was to coincide with the re-entry into earth’s atmosphere by the NASA Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), which was predicted to fall to earth anytime from 2100 hours to 0600 hours GMT.

I attended the Lyth Hill location at approx 1930 hours to set up and prepare for the sky watch, with Phil joining me at approx 2100 hours. For those of you that are not familiar with Lyth Hill, it is a small hillside location South of Shrewsbury, and covers views from the North, East and right around to the Southwest. It is not affected by light pollution and on clear nights you can see approx 50 miles plus.

The weather was part cloudy initially, but by 2100 hours the sky had cleared and we had perfect viewing of the sky and stars right above and to the South. We set up with 2 video cameras both with night shot capability and were joined by colleagues from Cheshire, one of which is an electronics engineer. He brought along his own night vision equipment, so all in all we had it all covered.

From 21.00 onwards the sky so clear we were able to see all commercial air traffic which was quite a way over to our West and East at least 20 miles, and at no time during the evening did any aircraft fly over or near us. This was good as we were able to pick out various satellites moving over or near to us in the clear sky and against the stars, however, at 2154 something quite remarkable happened….

A reconstruction of the red beam of light on the night of September 23rd 2011

As Phil and I stood to the left of our video equipment which was facing East at that time recording, from directly above us a very bright white flash appeared and from it a white and red solid laser beam type light flashed down and hit the ground between us lasting approx 1 to 2 seconds and made an electrical discharge crack sound.

This took us both completely by surprise and made me jump and then immediately I had a tingling sensation run from my fingertips all the way up both my arms, over my shoulders and down to my waist. I immediately felt sick and became very cold; it felt like I had just been electrocuted.

We quickly re-positioned our video cameras to point directly above us at 90 degrees to see if we could capture any craft or spheres moving in the sky, but there was nothing.

No aircraft of any type and no satellites were above us, the sky was clear and you could clearly see the stars and any conventional aircraft.

So what was this that fired the beam of light? We do not know, there is no rational explanation to what it could have been. All we know is that we were targeted by something that wanted to let us know it was there watching us, watching them?

So the questions we need answering are: Why fire the beam at us? What would have happened to me if the beam had it me directly?

We have been studying the UFO phenomena for a long time and have never come across anything like this before. We are aware of a number of UFO encounters where witnesses have reported beams but non that has had this kind of affect on a witness.

We have reconstructed a picture of what happened inserting a red beam of light to show the trajectory and proximity of the beam fired at us. This image was taken approx 25 minutes after the incident.

It is interesting to note that just a few minutes before this incident we observed a very bright sphere at approximately 50 degrees to the east over the Wrekin break through the lower cloud base. Phil was sure it was the planet Jupiter so I used Google Sky on my mobile phone to check and it was just a planet. Could something above have used the mobile GPS system to lock on to our position and target our location?

The following day I felt very ill and extremely tired with aches and pains all over my body.

Phil made some enquiries regarding the incident with his military connections and they said if the incident was connected to the military the beam could have been fired from what they call a Dark Helicopter. These helicopters apparently can fly virtually silent and undetected with no navigation lights or markings. We were also informed the military had a beam weapon system called Electrolaser that could be used to target equipment or individuals to harm them or warn them if desired. During the summer months Phil has been plagued by military helicopters up to four at one time circling above especially while conducting investigations in Wiltshire and on the Shropshire-Powys borders.

Darren Perks – UFOIRU Copyright 2011.



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