Phil Hoyles Shropshire UFO Casebook: Part 5 – Animal Mutilations

These mutilations are typical in all areas as the strange deaths reported in the United States and other parts of the world with farmers and local people seeing odd moving lights over farmland at night only to discover dead and mutilated animals in the morning.

Many reports of UFO’s are coming from farmers in this area; one told me he is not seeing lights over his land but space ships? Another farmer only a few miles away came out of his house in broad daylight to be confronted with a golden sphere, it then pulsed and turned into a black shape and then what appeared to be two interior lights came on and then the farmer was sure he saw something moving inside.

He then heard a voice in his head saying ‘We told you we will be back’ the craft then changed back to a golden sphere and shot off following the contours of the land at about 200 feet altitude.

The classic mutilation injuries profile is the clinical removal of tissue from the jaw and face, one eye and ear removed and sometimes the tip of the tongue is severed.

The rectum and reproductive organs are completely removed and the carcass appears to be completely drained of blood with absolutely no blood on the carcass or the ground which is perplexing in itself?

On examination of the injuries by veterinary surgeons or a pathologist the cuts appear to have been made by an advanced laser or ultrasound scalpel.

In one case I studied in Briggsdale, Weld County, Colorado, a mutilated calf was examined by a laboratory and under microscopic examination it was revealed the injuries where not look like anything seen before.

It was concluded it was neither a cut nor a laser burn. Not one single cell had been destroyed.

The incision was made between the cells, cell by cell. Not one single cell was damaged.

The mutilators had separated the cells from each other precisely along the boundaries. The laboratory examiner remarked “I don’t think mankind has the ability to do what has been done?”

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