Strange lights in the sky prove a mystery for Shropshire couple

Terry and Margaret Spencer from Chirbury, witnessed the strange lights over the top of the hills at Mitchells Fold Stone Circle and Cornden Hill from around 9pm onwards on Saturday.

Mr Spencer told “There were some really weird and strange lights over the top of the hills at Mitchells Fold stone circle and Cornden Hill.

“From about 9pm onwards we kept seeing white and green solid beams of light flicking down from the clouds and flicking across the top of the hillside. We drove up to the small car park and the stone circle and could clearly see them moving quickly across the sky. We were the only people up there apart from a traveller who lives in a caravan at the stone circle car park and he was watching them also.

“We saw a police 4×4 and stopped it and they said it was not aircraft as the lights we really powerful beams of light and the green one went solid for what looked like miles and miles out to the west and Wales.

“We watched them for about an hour at the stone circle then drove home to Chirbury where we continued to watch them until about midnight. Our cameras could not pick them up in the dark but our neighbours and friends who are local farmers also witnessed them.”

RAF Shawbury this morning said that no exercises or aircraft we using that area over the weekend.

Did you see the mystery lights?
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