Pressure Washers: Clean, Green And Versatile Machines

A quick trip to any of the DIY stores up and down the country, especially during the first tentative days of spring, will see one particular item gaining prominence. Alongside the first blooming border plants of spring and the last of the Christmas items being sold off, pressure washers will almost certainly be displayed proudly.

There is a very good reason for this, with increasing numbers of people discovering two key things about the machines. First, that it is best to consider buying pressure washers online as you can often get a great saving on the recommended retail price; and secondly, that these machines are arguably among the greenest, economical and versatile available.

For example, let us look at the primary use of pressure washers for many; to clean patios, patio furniture, concrete and driveways from grime, mould and dirt.

In bygone days, undertaking such a task was not for the half-hearted. To clean driveways from algae, mould, grease and ingrained dirt would often require the householder to purchase a large amount of volatile and highly toxic material, which would be mixed with gallons of hot water, poured over the area to be treated and left, before being scrubbed and hosed down enthusiastically for a couple of hours.

Fortunately, using a pressure washer changes this considerably. The initial purchase of the machine may be more than a few gallons of toxic patio cleaner, but the fact that it is entirely reusable means that in the long term it will prove to be a much cheaper option. It is also worth considering that the pressure washer has many other uses beyond cleaning the driveway, many of which can potentially save the householder further expense.

By simply plugging the pressure washer jets onto their stronger settings, it is relatively easy to blast away weeks, months and years of collected grime and dirt from your driveway and patio areas. The concentrated jet of water is given enough power by the pump to blast through the grime onto the concrete beneath, allowing even the most stubborn of stains to be eradicated.

All the while, the nozzle at the end of the spray gun will spray the jets in a variety of motions, ensuring that you clean the widest possible space at one time, saving energy.

Of course, cleaning the driveway or patio in such a way is not only less time consuming and cheaper, but is also far better for the environment. If you choose not to use any additive with the solution, your patio and driveway will be sparkling clean and completely free of any toxic chemicals, rendering it immediately safe for children and pets.

Another benefit for pressure washer users is the machines’ versatility. The fact that many come with different nozzles, each of which allows the type of jet and amount of pressure to be easily controlled, means they are an ideal tool for a variety of other household uses. This can range from cleaning cars to cleaning the outside of the house and garden walls, or even to cleaning months of mud and grass from the face of a set of golf clubs. Indeed, pressure washers have plenty of other uses that make them all the more valuable to the householder.

Thanks to its range of uses, environmentally-friendly methods and affordability, it is easy to see why pressure washers have become such popular purchases over the past few years.

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