Phil Hoyle’s Shropshire UFO Casebook: Part 4 – Crafts and crop circles

Part 4 – crafts and crop circles

Craft spotted over Wenlock Edge, Much Wenlock - Map from Google Maps

Jenny lives just 12 miles to the south of my home town of Shrewsbury, near an isolated area known as Wenlock Edge. She was looking through the window of her converted barn late evening when a light caught her eye. Hovering over Wenlock Edge was a huge spherical object; it was not a perfect circular shape, but nor was it egg shaped – somewhere between the two. It appeared, from her perspective, to be hovering only a few feet above the top of Wenlock Edge. It was not one solid light, but comprised dozens of individual lights, with a very bright white shape on the top right hand side of the object.

When she initially saw the object she was paralysed with fright. She watched it for about 20 minutes during which time it was perfectly stationary. Jenny collected herself and went indoors and found her binoculars (8 x 13).

A sketch from Jenny of what she saw that night above Wenlock Edge

When she trained the binoculars on the object she saw that the superstructure was apparently black lattice work, with the lights attached at each intersection of the lattice work.

The lights themselves were a variety of colours and appeared to be oscillating. On the top right of the UFO there appeared to be a something attached, Jenny attempted to draw it – it approximates between a flying swallow and an anchor. There is a possibility that this shape represents a detachable smaller craft as a number of similar shaped UFO’s have been sighted around this part of the Shropshire.

In the morning she really did have a shock when a neighbour told her that a crop circle about 20 feet across had been discovered only a few hundred feet from her home in a field of wheat. The crop was flattened to the ground but seemed to have had pressure applied to it from something very large from above. Jenny took a number of photographs of the crop circle and it does look very consistent to ones I have examined.

A crop circle discovered in a nearby field after the sighting

In another active abduction, the witness who I will call Tom to maintain confidentiality, lives in Worthen in the Rea Valley, Shropshire on the Welsh border. Tom is in his late fifties and is a no nonsense construction worker, he has lived most of his life in this location except for a few years working abroad and when he was in the RAF. Tom can recall a number of childhood incidents when he was about 8 years old seeing cigar shaped object in the sky over Hanwood, a little hamlet only a few miles from his present home.

Tom’s next major recalled incident took place many years later while travelling along the old A5 road from Shrewsbury to Wellington. As he approached the Shamrock Café he noticed a very large light in the sky above the trees, it looked like a Double Decker bus all illuminated and just hovering in the sky only a few hundred feet up. Tom then saw a beam of blue light come from the craft, this beam was a narrow dull beam of blue to green light then the craft moved out of sight very rapidly.

The UFO abduction took place on the old A5 near Shrewsbury - Map from Google Maps

This is all he could remember seeing as the next moment he realised it was about midnight, and he had lost a good 3 hours of time. Amazing but consistent with known abduction contacts Tom had virtually no memories of this encounter for 22 years, only then did he have any real recall of the experience and this led Tom to contact me in the hope of finding out more about his abduction.

This incident amazingly took place a few days after the very well publicised abduction case of three ladies from Telford, Shropshire, Val Walters, Rosemary Hawkins and Vivien Hayward, whose own encounter with a UFO that took place only a short distance from where Tom had seen the UFO above the trees.

If you have had any experiences or sightings and would like to contact Phil, then please email Phil Hoyle – all information is in complete confidence.

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