Phil Hoyle’s Shropshire UFO Casebook: Part 3 – UFO abductions

Part 3 – UFO abductions

Phil Hoyles CasebookIn recent encounter late at night a lady called Mary was sitting in her lounge that looks down the valley on the Shropshire-Powys border and noticed a very bright light approaching her home.

She at first dismissed the light as nothing more than a low flying helicopter that abounds the area because of a large local RAF base. But as the light grew closer, she could clearly see it was no helicopter and to her amazement saw that it was a bullet shaped craft with a large pointed dome on top glowing white to yellow in changing intensities. To her utter shock the craft stopped above tall tress just behind her home, she decided to go outside to obtain a better look, but afterwards did not know why she was not afraid and did this.

The craft now was only a few hundred feet up and she could now see red to orange beams coming from around the lower half of the craft. She called her partner to come out and witness this amazing event but after only a few short moments she oddly returned inside to continue watching the TV. Mary had in fact stood for over an hour outside her home in only her night dress and although it was a summer night it was still not very warm in the Shropshire valley.

After about 15 to 20 minutes another bright light approached the area, but this time it was clearly a helicopter and Mary could not only hear the sound of the rotors, but could see the flashing navigation lights. The helicopter stayed stationary hovering less than half a mile from the UFO like it was monitoring the unfolding situation!

UFO Casebook - Mary's UFO sighting
Mary’s sketch of the craft above her home.

When I interviewed Mary I asked her why did she stand by herself for so long outside in the cold, only wearing her night dress with this massive craft above her home? Mary was bewildered as I was of why she did this, but said she felt drawn to it, in some way she felt she was in some sort of communication with the craft, she just could not explain the situation in any normal terms but this typifies the strangeness of the UFO phenomena.

What makes the whole episode even more bizarre is the fact Mary recently had key hole surgery on her right knee and was wobbling around on crutches, but even this restriction did not stop her standing outside for an hour in the cold.

When I interviewed Mary just after her encounter I asked her if I could examine her knees and lower legs to see if there where any typical cookie cutter marks often found on abductees bodies. On examination there where a number of these types of small circular impressions on her lower right knee that she could not explain or account for. Most shockingly though there was a small circular red mark approximately 10 mm in diameter and surrounded by red dots next to one of the surgery scars.

Mary had not noticed it before as she still had a support bandage on her leg; she was bewildered to how it got there and was very sure it was not there before the sighting. A few days later Mary had an appointment with the surgeon who had conducted the knee operation just to check on her recovery and to see how the knee was healing.

Mary asked the surgeon what was the odd red mark on her knee and he was just as puzzled and said it had nothing to do with the operation, had an additional procedure been carried out by the occupants of the UFO on the night of her encounter?

There are two military facilities that the helicopter could have operated from, one RAF Shawbury is the largest training base in the country, this base does not operate at the weekends and I checked this with the base. The other likely candidate was Nesscliffe army base that that does operate 24-7 so I contacted the Commanding Officer to determine if it was one of their helicopters operating at that time and location of the UFO incident.

The C.O was not dismissive of the sighting report and told me if the incident did take place he wouldn’t even be in the chain of command to be informed that the intercept had been ordered which I thought was more than just interesting.

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