Phil Hoyle’s Shropshire UFO Casebook: Part 2 – The Triangle Mystery

Phil Hoyles UFO Casebook CoverPart Two – The Triangle Mystery

One of the biggest officially documented UFO sightings took place over RAF Shawbury on the 31st of March, 1993.

The object sighted by the base meteorological officer was a Black Triangle and the size of a Jumbo Jet, it was first observed stationary, it then accelerated erratically at estimated several hundred miles an hour and then stopped. From the Black Triangle emitted a search light type beam that appeared to be scanning the ground left to right as if looking for something, a low frequency hum could also be heard.

UFO researcher Darren Perks from Shrewsbury also witnessed this enormous Black Triangle the same night while walking in Harlescott.

This UFO sighted over Shawbury was also seen by numerous police and military officers across the country that night.

Phil Hoyles Casebook - Leegomery Black Triangle
Leegomery Black Triangle

This was not the only time Shropshire was visited by Black Triangles; in September 2009 an ex military officer sighted a Black Triangle craft just above her home in Bomere Heath near Shrewsbury.

Just before Christmas, 2009 a wave of sightings were reported across the county, I received a remarkable photo of a Black Triangle quite low coming over houses in the Leegomery, Telford. The photo was taken on the 23rd of December, at about 18.00, although it was a dark sky and snowing the street light illumination helped to highlight the object that can clearly be seen to be a Black triangle with red lights at each point. Two Police officers also witnessed the Black Triangle over Donnington, a few days before and they were stunned by the sighting.

I also received a call in July from a local lady by the name of Jane Bowen who only lives about a quarter of a mile from my home in Shrewsbury. She informed me that the night before she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when her husband shouted, quick, quick come here as he saw a bright flash of light outside of the house.

Phil Hoyles UFO Casebook
The sketch of the V-Shaped craft encountered by Jane.

She ran down stairs and into the garden and witnessed a very unusual V shaped massive object with 8 large orange lights 4 along each side of the V shape hovering just above her house, the sighting lasted about 3 minutes.

Jane also become aware of a helicopter that came over her road flew around the area as if it was looking for something and at times hovered over the houses.

If you have had any experiences or sightings and would like to contact Phil, then please email Phil Hoyle – all information is in complete confidence.

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